Friday, March 5, 2021

Giving The Bride Away

April 16, 1953 Bill Nevard's report on work at the San and other goings on. 

Mrs. Howe on today. Dad went to Lipton with Reverend Corkhill to attend Sandy Goff's wedding and give the bride away. 

April 17: A new patient arrived today from Kelvington. Clifford Colby. He drove here in his own truck. The union's annual concert and dance was held in the auditorium tonight with a large attendance. Dick stayed for the dance but I came home. 

 From left: John Sedo, Sandy Goff, Gladys Goff (sister), Gladys Goff(bride), Mary Goff, Joy Goff, Ernest Nevard, Tom Goff, Jack Goff. By the Anglican Church in Lipton, Sask. 

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  1. April 16 was my great grandmother's birthday and my sister's anniversary.


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