Monday, January 15, 2018

Today In Nevard History

Actually a few days late but January 11 marked the day that Great Uncle Arthur Nevard died in 1965. I have several photos of him including  this one from  around 1911 in Regina, Saskatchewan where he worked off the farm for a while.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Visitors At Winstanley Grove

I'm calling this one, based on the photo, visitors at Winstanley Grove, the Arthur Nevard farm. Although they likely visited with all three Nevard families on the section at the same time. The city relatives would drive out most summers for a visit in the country. Uncle Edde and Aunt May Edwards. May was a sister to Arthur Nevard's wife, Margaret.
In this photo, taken at Winstanley Grove, from left to right we have, my Uncle Don, my mother, their uncle Eddy on the white horse, my uncle Roy, and at right, holding the horse and colt is Bud Nevard.
The date I am guessing mid to late 1930s.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 1916

A post card Christmas card sent to my grandfather, Horace Nevard. Sent from his mother's house at Lexden, Colchester, Essex, U.K. to somewhere in France.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 1951, Business as Usual At Fort San

November 16: Dad went to Regina on the bus today and bought a new coat and several other items. We had a union meeting at Birn's house tonight but not many there.

November 17: I went to Lipton on the bus this morning. Charlie Bull also went to Lipton and Cecilia Tomack went on to Regina apparently. I went to the Post Office to try and trace the missing money order I had sent to Uncle Arthur. I also visited Fishers and Mrs. Fisher told me that Kenny has another son born on the 9th. I started walking back to the San but got a ride on an oil truck most of the way. There was an amateur hour on in Lipton tonight. Bob Smith and Darlene took part in it.

November 18: Sunday. Dad went to a morning service in Lipton with Mr. Corkhill. Dick and I walked down to an evening service at St. John's and rode back with Mr. Stiff. Laura Motherwell also got a ride back to the San. Sandy Goff came along tonight to ask Dad to go to Lipton tomorrow and help them fix up their furnace so Mr. and Mrs. Goff can move into town.

November 19: Dad went to Lipton to help Goffs fix up their furnace. He missed the bus so Sandy came and fetched him and he came home on the bus at night.

Building T. Goff house in 1951. From left: Ernest Nevard, Mary Goff, Grace Hobetzeder, Les Goff, Horace Nevard. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

65 Years Ago In Bill's Journal

November 5: The two Indian women recently admitted to East 3 are Mrs. Nellie O'Watch and Lena Peigan. The latter being Tommy John's cousin.
Dick voted at Bye's today. Dad and I got driven to Balrobie in Sandy Goff's car to vote. Mrs. Wheale and her grandson, Wayne Fushtey, went with us to vote. Then he drove up back to Lipton where Dad bought some groceries. Roy was in town with both Uncles. We had supper at Tom Goff's , then waited for Sandy to drive us home, which he did eventually. We got home around 9 pm. Fred Senft got elected as reeve but the contest between Sandy Goff and August Zielke was in doubt.
Sandy Goff and his Model T Ford with a few friends a few years earlier. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tears Of Israel

Every year at this time, the Jewish holidays between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I'm reminded of a quote that (great) uncle Ernest Nevard would mention. It is a common belief that it will always rain during the Jewish holidays so farmers liked to be done harvest before that time if possible. Or they expected to be shut down by rain for a while until the crops dried enough to re-start harvest. Uncle Ernie used to refer to the rain (when it fell) as "the tears of Israel". I don't know if there is a story behind that saying and there is nobody to ask now. I only recall this from stories told to me by my parents as I was not even 4 years when uncle Ernie died.
This photo of him from the late 1940s Ernest left and son, Bill, on the right.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Grandpa Nevard's Birthday

Late in the day but I just remembered that today (Sept. 13) was Grandpa Nevard's (Horace) birthday. Born in 1885 in Essex, U.K. I thought about him today while harvesting on the same land  where he used to harvest. As seen in this 1910 photo.