Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kelsale Saxmundham

This post card sent from Kelsale, Saxmundham, Suffolk, U.K. to Canada in January of 1908 was sent by Alice Hall who would later marry Horace Nevard to become my grandmother. I don't know how they met as the Nevards were from Lexden, Essex. That is not so many miles today but in 1908 travel  was on foot, bicycle, or if you could afford it, train. Possibly Ernest Nevard, in his chosen profession of brick layer had a work project in Saxmundham, who knows? In any event, he met up with Mary Hall at Kelsale who later became his wife. From that point on it would not be too surprising if his younger brother, Horace (my grandfather) tagged along and met up with Mary's younger sister, Alice Hall in the early 1900s. Although they did not marry until 1918 after WW I ended.
It can be a complicated family tree to follow. Even more so when you consider that one  of  the  Hall girl's brothers, William, married the Nevard boy's sister, Louisa. Confusing  enough to follow? It is a good thing I have it all down on paper to refresh my memory sometimes.