Saturday, November 29, 2014

December 16 1947-Winter and Winstanley Grove

Got another two loads of wood in and after dinner we went and chopped a bit.
Donald went off on Rusty to phone the doctor. John Fleming and his family went
to Lipton in the morning. Charlie Huber brought the doctor up as far as his place,
then Donald and Joy went down with the team and sleigh and fetched him up to
Winstanley Grove that night. But Bud and Carol had become the parents of a baby
girl before the doctor arrived. Richard Supple brought a Mrs. Tom Berner there.
She was an English war bride and a nurse. Joy stayed there while Bud drove the
doctor back to Lipton. He never got home until about 5 a:m .

December 17: I went up to Silver Birches and heard the particulars of last night's
events. Dick and I put in the morning cutting wood in the bluff and cleaned up the
manure after dinner. Blowing and drifting quite a bit with a nasty cold wind so we
did not bother to get water.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barn Building

In the fall of 1947 Bill was putting the finishing touches to the new cement block barn.
November 18: Bud came down this morning and threaded a number of bolts to put through the hinges of the doors. Dad and I put some tin on the roof above the hip on the West side. After dinner Bud and I finished boarding it in.

November 19: Bud came down this morning and we pulled all the tin off the roof off the little stable. We were going to finish roofing the barn but it was snowing and quite miserable so Bud went home after helping us move the calf into the new barn. Dad has the doors at each end fixed up now and in the evening we got Raspberry and April Showers into the new barn and they spent their first night there.
November 20: Bud came this morning and we finished tinning the roof. A little awkward but not too bad. Bud had a rope over top of the barn and tied to his waist. He was on the slope and I was on the ridge. Dad busy with the doors.
The barn in 2014. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A letter from Arthur Nevard to his brother, Horace. No date on this one but I would guess around 1911 or 1912.

                                                                                                            2210 Quebec Street
                                                                                                            Regina, Sask.
Dear Horace
I am sending you the receipts, or all I can find of them but don't show them on any account.
I think I paid, I am positive I paid up October and did not miss any before that but I
cannot find the October receipt so the best way would be to know nothing about the receipts but
 find out what is due from me. I have paid anyhow $345 this year. It should be easy enough as
 the bank or the collector would know how much he had to collect and if they don't, deduct $345
 from the amount of the note anyhow. I am glad you sent the money from S. Wheale and Fleming.
I had to pay my mortgage by the 15th so I had to borrow some.
Ask Earn about the October receipt if by any chance he has got it with his as we cannot find it
You had better keep some oats for the filly as I would like her to have some this winter. I think
you had better sell all the wheat off my place if Earn's Marquis turned out well. You can buy some
Marquis from Earn with the money that S. Wheale will pay and if he wants it before, pay it out of
the proceeds of my crop.
Please let me know how much I owe Earn for the wheat sown on my place last spring as I will have to pay for it this winter. I keep forgetting it and he could do with the money.
Also how much is number 3 per bushel, and oats as well? I guess it would be best to buy new oats for
my place but if you think they will be alright you can keep some back for seed. But don't take any
You might let me know how much you made with the outfit. I mean profit, and how did it work? How big is the filly getting? She should be as tall as her mother by now.
I hope all the stock is alright. I will try and spare the money for a fence next year. If you can get
pickets you can buy them but I will write later.
I hope you are ll well. Give my love to all and wish them all a Merry Xmas for me and yourself also.
I remain your loving brother,