Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home From The City November 1945


Tuesday , November 6. Aunt May and I went downtown and took my watch to the watch repair man. Then I went to Helen's to dinner. We went downtown after dinner. Helen saw the doctor. He said she shouldn't be working so Mary decided to stay longer. I went back to Aunt May's alone. After supper I walked down to where Grace works and we went down to the Albert Street bridge where we met Margaret Lutz and we got on a street car and went to the Rex Theater and saw "Desert Song" starring Dennis Morgan. Also saw Young and Willing. After the show we got a street car and rode down to Grace's place. She walked part way with me, then she left me and I took the wrong turn and got lost. I walked around for a while and then I saw two women in a car, asked them the way and they took me to Aunt May's.

Wednesday, November 7. Aunt May and I went downtown and got my watch and got my pictures from the studio. Then went to Helen's to dinner. Mary and I got dinner. What a dinner! I went back to Aunt May's about 3 o'clock. Aunt May went down to the bus depot with me and saw me off. Gladys Berner and her husband were on the bus. When we got to the Craven Hill between Regina and Southey the bus skidded and turned right around. The men all got out and spent about half or three quarters of an hour getting it straight again. When we got to Lipton we were an hour late. Leonard came to the bus depot and carried my suitcase to the car. I went to the town hall to the show "Her Primitive Man". After the show I found Shirley and Jack and went back to Naemark's with them. Then Leonard and Malcolm wanted to go so we went home. Boy was I ever tired and just about frozen. My holiday was over.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

November 1945 A Few More Days In The City

Sunday, November 4. A much warmer day. Aunt May showed me the way to where Grace Hobetzeder works. I went there and stayed an hour or two and we had a great old talk. Decided to go to a show on Tuesday. Went back to Aunt May's to dinner. After dinner Aunt May and I went to see Mrs. Hammill. Then I went to Helen's place for supper. After supper Lucille S---------N and her boyfriend, Frank came about ten o'clock. Mary and I went back to Aunt May's.

Monday November 5. Mary and I started to go see Biinningtons but we met Agnes on the street so we didn't go. Went back to Helen's to dinner. After dinner we went downtown. We met Fred Wagner in the Army and Navy and he asked Mary to go to the show so she went. Helen walked with me as far as the Safeway stores, then I waked to Aunt May's. It was snowing. Aunt May and I went to the Grand Theatre and saw the show "Maytime". I thought it was a lovely show. After the show we went to a cafe and Aunt May bought me a banana split. It sure was good.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trip To The Big City

October 28 1945
Sunday. Another cold and windy day. Went to Wheale's in pm. We decided to go to Regina on Friday. I told Mary to go ahead of me but she said she would wait. Hope it doesn't snow before Friday. I will keep my fingers crossed.

November 1, Thursday It was a very cold and windy day today. I was packing the suitcase I borrowed from Carol ready to go to Regina. Donald drove me to Wheale's with Rusty and the cart and we were hoping and praying that it wouldn't snow too much or be too cold to start the car. It was snowing when we went to bed.

November 2, Friday. It was snowing and a cold Northwest wind but Leonard got the car started alright and took us down to the bus. There were two or three people we knew on the bus. Philip Fisher, Dave Raichman, George Wesa, Ruth Frey and her mother. We got to Regina and Orpha Senft was at the bus depot to show us the way to where Helen lives. We stayed at Helen's place for dinner and a while after. Then we went down to where Jerry, (Helen's husband) works and I phoned to see if Aunt May was home. Then we got on a street car and went to Aunt May's for supper. Ater supper Mary, Helen and I went to a show at the Grand Theatre. "Son of Lassie". We also went to Ross's Cafe and played the juke box. We went back to Helen's place and had lunch. Then Jerry drove Mary and I  to Aunt May's for the night.

Saturday November 3. We got up rather late and had breakfast. Then Aunt May showed us the way and we walked down to Helen's. We had dinner there and after dinner we went downtown to the Army and Navy. Then on to Eaton's and Simpsons. We walked around until we were played out , then took the street car back. Had supper, then Jerry and Harvey, Jerry's brother, drove me home. Mary stayed with Helen. It was raining, the streets were very slippery. Went to bed tired but happy. 
To be continued.......

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bill Turns 63

February 20, the wildest day we have had this winter. I walked to work this morning and the wind nearly blew me off my feet going around those two corners. The Eriksens were away and never came home tonight.

February 22, I stayed home today. Went over to Eriksens for a cup of coffee.  The papers say that Saturday's blow was the worst storm in Saskatchewan's history.

February 23. Poor old William Shakebroom has reached his 63rd birthday. Dick gave me a pair of braces for a present. John Isabelle has quit the San after a brief two days work last week. Archie Boyd still in sick bay. The D.V.A. are paying Uncle Arthur's funeral expenses and sent me a cheque for $35 to reimburse me for what I had paid.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 28 1946, Hogs to Market

January 28: We loaded up four of our young hogs in the sleigh and I took them to Lipton, Uncle Horrie going with me. Not too bad a day but a cold wind developed making it somewhat unpleasant. The sleigh seemed to drag heavy but we got down in plenty of time. Our pigs being the first stock there. John Fleming was right behind us with a steer loaded in his sleigh. After unloading our stock and putting the teams in, John Fleming, Uncle H. and I went to Joe's restaurant for dinner. I went to Andy Gray's after dinner and gave him the certificates to fix up. Mrs. Gray is much better now.
Quite a bunch of teams in at Kellsey's. I saw the train come in but Dick was not on it.
Blowing harder and snowing a bit on the way home. Bud took Carol to Lipton in the cutter about 9 p:m.
January 29: Snowing today so I didn't do a lot. Uncle Arthur went up to Winstanley Grove to feed Bud's pigs. Uncle Horrie and Donald came down in the afternoon with our rack and took their sleigh back and their groceries. Uncle Arthur brought the mail down with two letters from Dick who thinks he will be home in February. Bud came back tonight and told us that he and Carol are the proud parents of a son born at 9 o'clock this morning.
 A somewhat unrelated photo but it shows how deep the snow can get some winters in Sask. Centre is Margaret (Daisy) Nevard when she worked at a farm near Pense in about the winter of 1912-13.