Saturday, February 25, 2017

Non Pareil

While working on one of my projects recently I pulled out one of the antique hand saws that I seem to have accumulated here over the years. I know there are power saws that will do the job better, faster and with less effort but in the spirit of making do with what I have I went with this one.
Although after a  few minutes I found it did not work well at all it was still interesting to read the fine print on the saw.
It has "H.W. Nevard" stamped on the handle so I'm guessing it was one that my grandfather brought from England when he first came to Canada in 1905. Probably one that he acquired while working as Carpenter's Apprentice in Lexden, Essex, U.K.  It shows signs of hard use with a break in the handle.
W. Tyzack and Turner & Sons stamped on the frame as well as the name "Non Pareil" over the little elephant image. No doubt a brand name from long ago.

I was thinking of a fellow blogger, Gorges Smythe when I took the saw photos since he appreciates a good wood working tool and writes an interesting blog you might like to check out some time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Visitors From The City

From left: Roy, Alice, Horace at back. Front row Donald and Joy. Seated on the running board?Arthur? Ernest Nevard?
Notice the "HSD" patch on Donald's overalls which stood for Headlands School District.
As seen above, my Nevard grandparents, mother and  two uncles. As none of the Nevards owned a car at the time, approximately 1937,  I'm guessing the occasion was  a  visit from  the Regina relatives, Uncle Eddie and Aunt May Edwards. May was a sister to Arthur Nevard's wife, Daisy. I don't even know if they owned a car but they always had a neighbour drive  them out to the farm for a  visit each summer. Here is an entry from Bill Nevard's journal which describes the day,or one much like it.
August 3, 1937: Dad left off cutting the pasture 20 acres and started on the basement 13 acres. Uncle Arthur and Roy went to Lipton and Uncle got his wagon wheels fixed. The Normans and Billy West came up from Regina in their car bringing Uncle Eddie and Aunt Flo with them. They arrived about dinner  time and had dinner here, going up to Silver Birches (H. Nevard's farm) after dinner for a visit. After they had left Dad went back  and cut wheat for about an  hour.