Friday, November 26, 2010

Winstanley Grove

November 27 marks an occasion that drew the Nevard and Goff family a
little closer together. My grandparents, Tom and Mary Goff, were married
in a private ceremony done at the home pictured above in 1911.
Winstanley Grove, so named by my great uncle Arthur Nevard after his
wife's maiden name of Winstanley. The 3 Nevard brothers all named their
farms. Ernest chose "The Poplars", quite appropriately as they are
surrounded by poplar trees.
My grandfather , Horace, chose "Silver Birches" although I have yet to
find a birch tree on the entire farm.
The photo above was taken in 1910 or 1911 at Winstanley Grove but it is
not my grand-parents wedding. It was a Sunday afternoon Church service by
the Anglican minister who travelled quite an area between the small villages
and country schools.
My grandfather, Horace Nevard is the man seated in the front row beside
the dog.
Winstanley Grove was new in this picture, logs still unplastered.
Today it lies in ruins, only a depression in the ground with some rotted
logs and a rusty stove laying in it.

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  1. Maybe your grandfather's sense of humor was a bit like that of a little girl I knew as a child who named her black cat "Snowball!" Guess you could always PLANT some birches!

    Shame about the old homeplace; nice you have the picture.


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