Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Surprising Conclusion to The Search

Bill and Old Tom
March 10 1944
As the day was too windy to chop oats I went searching for our missing equines again. I called in at Uncle Arthur's and he gave me $10.00 for plowing on his place in 1942. I went across 30 to Richard Supple's and saw his wife. He was away. Went across 29 and called at Isaac Kotyak's. He said the horses might be shut in on the old Hetherington place. I went through there but could see no horses. Got out on the North road allowance and went East turning in onto 33 where the fence was down. I went Southwest until I hit a cross fence , then South to Kotylak's line where I went East over the cross fence and kept on to the Garnock road which I followed South to Shawlands school. I fed my horses and myself, then continued East calling in at Yontz's old place where I saw a Ukranian woman who couldn't talk much English. I went East for another 2 or 3 miles and saw some horses but not ours. Then swung South and West again hitting the road West of Shawlands School and bringing water home with me from the Big Slough. I got home a bit earlier than the previous night. Donald's eyes were sore so did not go looking for the horses but Joy went on 25 and afterwrds went to Bubyn's, Flemings and Kotylak's. Roy went out with the cutter. He had dinner at August Krauser's and afterwards went to look at a bunch of horses South of John Watson's but they were not ours. He went to John Fleming's and got the mail before coming home.
March 13 1944
This morning Donald brought us a pleasant surprise and told us that the horses were all back again on the section although how they got back is a bit of a mystery.
I got hay, water, and oat straw today. The weather is warming up a little bit.

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