Saturday, August 4, 2012

More On The Horses

August 1, 1938

Dick and I digging the new well. We got down to about 9 or 10 feet. We took 40 pails of water out in the morning before starting the operation.

 We had to get up early this morning. Dick rounded up the horses and we put them in the stable. Henry Berner and his son came along ere we had finished breakfast and he vaccinated the horses for the second time. He lost a horse from the disease the day before. He charged 50 cents a horse for the two innoculations making the total cost $1.75 for each horse.

Uncle Horrie and Bud were down here fixing the bull wheel of their binder. Dad and both Uncles went to a meeting at Shawlands with Mr. Fisher and McWean speaking. Arrangements have been made for farmers to get binder repairs and twine up to a certain amount.

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  1. Just shows you - it's always been one dern thing or another at farming!


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