Saturday, May 9, 2015

V.E. Day

Yesterday, May 8, 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of victory over Europe day. It was a momentous day and mention is made of it in a letter home from Dick Nevard who was stationed in England at the time.
Bill Nevard makes reference to the event in his journal on the 13th of May.
May 13, 1945: Sunday, a special Victory celebration service at Headlands school today at 2:00 pm. Dad and I went in the democrat. Bud and Carol rode with us. Uncle Arthur walked but we caught him up before we got to the school. Uncle Horrie, Joy and Donald went in the cart.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom North and daughters. Ed, Ethel and Bill Dodd. Mr. and Mrs. Millward and Ivadelle. Mr. and Mrs. Radwell and Mrs. Bowman and John. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Barton and Geoffrey. Mrs. Bordass, Mamie and Malcolm. Mrs. Wheale, Mary and Shirley. Mr. Tingey and the same man who was with him the last time.
Roy was home for a while. He has been working for Tom Heggie and now he is going to work for Rudolph Hiske.
I finished writing my letter to Dick. In the evening I went and caught Firelight and Frank, who were both in Uncle Arthur's land, ready for work tomorrow.
Dad went up to Silver Birches.

. A photo of a Church service at Headlands school a few years later in 1951.


  1. I may have asked before, but what was the "democrat," and why was it so named?

    1. Gorges, that was a horse powered 4 wheeled conveyance with (I think) two seats for passengers. I don't know if it was just a fancier version of the buggy or just another name.


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