Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Heading Home On The Queen Elizabeth

From Dick Nevard's journal. Although the war ended in May of 1945 it was January of 1946 before he  left England on the RMS Queen Elizabeth

January 28
We set sail for New York and said goodbye to dear old England. Saw a cruiser, a destroyer, and a submarine.
January 29
Some of the boys started to get sick but I was ok right through the journey never missing a meal. Went to bible study and sing song.
January 30
Bought a calendar and post cards of RMS Queen Elizabeth. Also a box of 24 chocolate bars. Saw another picture show. Went to bible study at night.

January 31
Sat up on the promenade deck all morning. We had boat drill and then I stayed on deck and took in a picture show. Sweeping promenade deck at 10:00 pm.
February 3
Arrived in New York harbour. Left the ship about 11:00 at night. Had donuts , coffee and fresh milk. Crossed the harbour on ferry and got on board the train.
February 4
Travelling all day across New York. Arrived in Hamilton and had an orange and apple. Arrived at Toronto by dark.
February 5
Travelling all day. It was raining when we arrived at Fort William. Heard the Fort William girls band which I had heard before at Camp Shilo.
February 6
Arrived at Winnipeg and then Regina at 7:00 in the evening. Got blankets and made my bed up in barracks. Then went to Aunt May's.
February 8
Chatted on train with George Macknack on the way to Lipton. Went to Mr. Gray's for lunch. Jim Millward and I hired Campbell to drive us home. I walked in on Dad, Bill, and Uncle Arthur unexpectedly.

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