Monday, January 7, 2019

New Years Day 1971

From Bill Nevard's journal.
January 1: Started the new year off by resuming work on "The Burning Mountain", second book in the Allader series. The day being fine, we decided to go North and started off just before noonn. I took the 1967 geographics for the Goffs and the 1968s for Silver Birches.
We called in on Mrs. Goff at Lipton and Doris phoned the farm to find out if the road was alright. Getting a good report we continued our journey. Turning West at the German Church we had no trouble. We found the family at home. Also Gladys. When we were nearly through dinner, Uncle and the boys came along. Then later Les drove to Hobetzeders to bring Grace and Ivy over and they were there for a while but Les took them back early to do their chores. Then he drove Gladys down to Belle Van Luven's for supper. Belle had visited Grace and Ivy on Christmas day and got stuck coming home in the evening on old 35. So Les had to go with the tractor and blade and open a road for her to our North grid road. It was 11:30 when he got home.
Our cousins went home in fair time having chores to do and we left about 9:30.
I turned off at the wrong place before we got to the road and Dick pushed on the front so I could back the car up and get on the right track. After that we had no more trouble.
Bill and Dick arrive at the farm New Years day in the 56 Chev.

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