Monday, December 12, 2011

First Christmas In The New Land

Christmas 1906 would be my grandfather , Horace Nevard's, first Christmas in the new land. He had crossed the Atlantic earlier that summer from his homeland of Essex, England to seek out his fortune in the new province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Horace sent and received regular letters from the girl he left behind in Suffolk, England and was no doubt happy to read this one written by Alice Hall (who was to eventually beome my grandmother)
Grove Farm
Saxmundham Dec. 9th/06

My Dear Horrie
I hope this will find you quite well. It is a month ago yesterday since I heard from you but Louie had a letter from Arthur yesterday and he said that Ernie was not back yet and he did not expect him until the blizzard was over and so I don't suppose you were back either

We had a letter from Mary a fortnight ago and she told me I must not expect a letter from you just yet as you were away. But I hope I shall soon hear from you now as it seems such a long time since I heard from you. I expect you are all got to the homestead for the winter by this time. It is very cold here today and it has been snowing a little but I suppose it is much colder where you are. I have had the neuralgia lately but it is better now.
I went to Saxmundham Church this morning. There isn't a Church near where you are now is there? It is a month tomorrow since Louie came back and your mother stayed here a fortnight . I don't think she likes to leave the baby as she was got so fond of him. Louie has put him in short clothes today for the first time. He look such a nice little boy. Father is nursing him now. I expect little Ernie would like to see him. I took him out for about half an hour on Friday. I went to the town and bought a bottle for him one day which made me think of the day when you went to Colchester and bought the baby's bottle.
 You have a long way to go to the town where you are now don't you? I don't expect you see very many people. I hope Mary's hands are better now as Arthur said when he wrote to Louie they were cracked and chapped. Dick has had a cold but he is better now.
Annie wishes to be remembered to you. I should think it was rather cold riding up to the homestead wasn't it? I should have waited til I heard from you before I wrote but I wanted to write to you for Christmas and I thought if I waited any longer you would not get it by Christmas.
This will be the first Christmas you have been away from home won't it? I expect Dick, Maude and Elsie will come here for Christmas. I don't know much else to tell you this time except that I should very much like to see you. So now I will bring my letter to a close. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, I remain your ever-loving

The card that accompanied the letter.


  1. We don't know how well off we are until we see the plights of others both present and past.

  2. That is so wonderful that you have the letter and card. That is truly precious family history. The card is amazing beautiful.


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