Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Letter From Ernest S. Nevard

Its a rare thing to find a letter from Ernest S. Nevard (Bill's father) but this one from the summer of 1914 turned up recently. Addressed to my grandfather, Horace, who was apparently working in the city of Regina temporarily while brother Ernest looked after the farm.  The "Captain " referred to is the horse in the photo above.

My Dear Brother
Your letter arrived alright and contents noted. Captain hasn't bothered me yet. He should suit the fellow as regards size but he would have quite a time with him as he's not city-broke. I would hate to be driving him myself in town. The crops are not doing too bad but we want rain badly, about 24 hours.
We haven't had a good rain this summer, only a few showers and the ground seems as hard and dry as a bone. Its just starting to rain now and I hope its a soaker but I've given over expecting it as theres been clouds and storms pass over and around us but no rain. I saw Heatherington on election day and told him you had a colt and would send the money up soon. I don't know about the hail insurance. Beckett was here over a month ago and I insured for $7 per acre but I haven't heard from Moose Jaw yet.
Minnie and colt are alright, all doing well. George Goff is working in the freight sheds or was the last time I heard about him. His wife went to Regina the other week.
I can't think of anything to say just now particular so will finish and remain your affectionate brother.

                                                                                                                                      E.S. Nevard
P.S. I finished getting off stones on Wednesday. I guess it was some job. About five acres but I haven't broke any yet as its too hard so I am plowing on the old fallow

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