Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Passing of Tom Goff

As was often the case, the Nevard and Goff history overlapped sometimes. 51 years ago this week, my grandfather, Tom Goff passed away. The occasion was recorded in Bill Nevard's journal as follows...

March 2: I went to Regina today on the bus. Found it somewhat messy, stepped in a puddle crossing Victoria avenue and wet my foot. I caught the Dewdney west bus to the Grey Nuns hospital. I had never been in this hospital before. I was given a pass card to Tom Goff's room at the desk and walked down a long corridor to the elevator and up to the third floor. Tom being in with three other patients looked so poorly that I hardly recognized him. I talked to him a bit but I could only hear what he said by putting my good ear close to his mouth. . Bill Dodd was there looking after him .

I did not stay long and on leaving the hospital I walked to the Geriatric centre. It took me 50 minutes so I couldn't stay there long either. Uncle Arthur seemed to be pretty good. I walked back to the bus depot with a bit of time to spare. On the bus home I was talking to a Mrs. Clark who used to be Nancy Griffin and has a store in Dysart.

March 3.....I drove to Lipton after dinner and called at Goff's where Mrs. Goff told me that Tom died this morning. Leslie was there and he and Mrs. Goff were going to the Fort to go with Sandy to Regina to make the necessary arrangements. Mrs. Goff would like Dick and I to be there Monday in case we are needed as bearers.

March 6......Mick Jennings took Dick's shift and Ernie Craven took mine so we could have the day off. We arrived at Goff's about 1:15. Lipton Church was filled for the service.

Pat Neil, Reg Waters, Will Wilson, Philip Fisher, Bill Michelson and I were the bearers. Canon Corkhill took the service and Alice Neil played the organ. It was cold at the cemetery and a nasty wind blowing but we didn't have to be there long. We went over to Goff's afterwards. All the Goffs, the Hobetzeders, Mrs. Wheale, Dick and I were there for lunch. After visiting for a while we came home.


  1. That is quite the pile of wood behind the house!

    1. True Budde. Fuel for the cookstove. And behind that wood pile stood the proverbial "brick outhouse".

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I had not a care in the world back then.


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