Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barn Repair 1944

I call this one "barn repair 1944". My grandfather, Tom Goff on the right
had called in the Nevard brothers, Horace, centre, and Ernest on the left
to come and lend a hand rebuilding his barn. The barn was originally log
construction and after nearly 40 years I guess the logs may have needed
some work. They removed the logs replacing them with double ply lumber.
Maybe money was a little more plentiful that fall from a good crop to
justify this extra expense. In this close up picture I can see the shiny
new nail heads in the boards.
Horace Nevard was pretty handy carpenter while his brother Ernest
was a bricklayer. They had come out from Essex, England some 40 years
earlier to seek their fortune homesteading in Saskatchewan, known at that
time as "District Of Assiniboia, N.W.T."
Tom Goff , brother Alf, and cousin Jack had also come from England, but from Dorset on the south coast about the same time as the Nevards and settled on homesteads about 3 miles apart.
 Maybe it was their shared British heritage that drew them together
but they became friends and neighbours for the rest of their lives. They formed the "Goff/Nevard threshing syndicate" in 1910 and bought their first threshing machine and stationary engine to power it. IH Famous engine
Eight years after this barn  photo was taken Horace's daughter married Tom's son and they became "in-laws" (And my grandfathers)


  1. Thanks for the post. I love family history - even of other people's families!

  2. I am so amazed at how people did so much with so little. Rebuilding a barn or killing a hog was all in a days work. The neighbors just got together and got it done!


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