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From Lowestoft to Lipton (letter from Cecil to Horace)

August 1, 1914

My Dear Horace

Thank you very much indeed for the most useful present which you so very kindly sent me. It is indeed most kind of you for I fully understand that ready money in Canada with you on the farm is a great object and I fully appreciate what you have sent me. As we want a dressing table for our spare bed room I shall put a little more money to what you have sent and buy one. Then when you come over (which I hope will be in the near future) you shall sleep in that room and look at your present.

We have such a dear little house, home and garden which I should love you to see and with which Ethel and I are very proud.

Doubtless Emily wrote and told you that Mother came down to stay with us with Louie's little boy for a fortnight and had a good rest. Dear Ethel wouldn't let her do anything while with us. Emily and Louie will be coming down shortly but at present we have Ethel's mother and father with us for 3 weeks. Then we have my new brother and sister in law coming down for a fortnight. We shall be full up.

What do you think of the crises now? I see that Russia and Germany are mobilizing but I pray that there may not be a European war for that would be terrible for every civilized country.

Ethel and I have just had our fortnight's holiday. Part we spent in London with Ethel's people and part at Lexden with Mother, who by the bye, is quite well, as is also Granny and Emily.

Each place I went to I done up their gardens for I am rather keen on it and would just like you to see ours for we have a lawn in the front and back of the house and a flower border all round. Then I have a piece of ground away from the house on which I have green peas, potatoes, beans, cabbage veg. marrow, lettuce, cauliflowers so it keeps me out of mischief.

You must excuse this paper but I am writing in the office. I hope you will get on well with your job and make plenty of dollars and also have a good crop on the farm.

Yes Horrie, I am most glad to say I am very happy. I have never been so happy before for my wife is a model in every respect and really waits on me so much she'll spoil me. She sends her fond love and would so much like to see you and wishes me to thank you very much indeed for your very nice present

With much love to you all I remain your ever affectionate brother, Cecil.
Cecil at left in later years.

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  1. Instead of the personal matters, what sticks in my mind is the "civilized countries." How quickly those countries slip into depravity.


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