Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Harvest 1947

As seen by Bill Nevard....
Sept. 30// We finished our barley this morning, about 370 bushels. Bud took the separator down to the 25 acres on 13 with his Ford.
After dinner Bud and Uncle Horrie went to haul my bin down to the setting with the big tractor while we loaded up wheat sheaves. They had trouble getting up from the valley along the headland of the 15 acres and the wheels of the tractor got dug down. Finally we had to take the line fence down and go through.
John Fleming came along and borrowed Bud's tractor leaving his own. We threshed some wheat. Roy's first load had 22 bushels. Bud left early to go to Lipton on his Ford and got his wagon back home ready for hauling flax.

October 6// This morning I took the team and rack up to Silver Birches with the intention of threshing but I found that Bud had taken the tractor to pieces to fix up a bearing. He went to our place on the Ford to get an old bearing to put in . Dad and Uncle Horrie came back with him. I stayed there to make a straw fire as it was cold. It took until dinner time to get it fixed and after dinner we threshed we threshed Uncle H's oats and moved down near the big slough to thresh Bud's wheat. He moved one of his new bins down in the pasture with his Ford and we threshed 6 loads of wheat sheaves. The sheaves are about the best we have handled so far.
Bud Nevard and the Ford tractor

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