Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Difficult February in 1933

80 years ago this month was not a happy time for the family. The extreme cold weather only added to the suffering. As seen in Bill Nevard's journal.
February 4 :Dad and Bud went to Goff's to bring the bull home. Young Tommy Goff had just died of pneumonia that morning.

February 6, 1933: It was 46 below zero this morning and I skied over to Goff's to see if they would be holding the funeral on such a cold day and heard that they were. Dad , Uncle Arthur and Bud went.
Aunt Daisy hurt her leg this afternoon by falling over a stoneboat in the stable.

February 7: A whist drive at Winstanley Grove. It was 56 below zero when Dick and I came home at 4 a:m.

February 10: Another rotten day. I went up to Winstanley Grove at night. Aunt Daisy in bed and Bud gone to Barton's to phone up North's.

February 11: Weather better. Martha North came to nurse Aunt Daisy.

February 12: Sunday. Bud went to phone for the doctor.

February 13: Doctor Stewart came to see Aunt Daisy and stopped in here to see mother on the way back. Martha came with him.

February 15: Milder. Mr. and Mrs. North came to see Aunt Daisy. Moved her into the other room.

February 17: Nancy down in the stable unable to get up. I cut some green wood.

February 20: Uncle Horrie went to Lipton. Dad had to shoot Nancy today. Uncle Arthur's big bay, Paddy, was likewise gathered to his ancestors. I went to see Aunt Daisy in the evening.

February 22: Aunt Daisy died of a heart attack this afternoon.

February 23: Dad and Uncle Arthur went to Fisher's to arrange the funeral. Nonsuch Woodland Seeker of Rockhaven calved today.

February 24: John Senft and Uncle Arthur went to Lipton to fetch Uncle Eddie and the coffin.

February 25
The funeral was held in Lipton town hall. It was a beautiful bright day.

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  1. Two horses and two relatives in one month - that was a hard month for man and beast alike!


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