Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cold Days On The Farm

It was -30F this morning. Warmed up to -25 by the time I went out to check the cattle. It was actually not bad in the sunshine and protected from  what little wind was blowing. I let the cow and calf out of the shelter and they headed out to where the rest of the herd were at the hay feeder on the south(sunny) side of the bush. A little while later they all showed up back at the barn for chop and water. Turning on the hydrant and filling the trough is so easy compared to how it was done years ago, as seen in Bill Nevard's  journal entries from 1942.

February 16
30 below zero this morning and a cold Nor-west wind blowing. We let all the horses out but they would not go down to the well and consequently never had a drink. The cattle did not drink much.
February 17. As it was still cold this morning I decided to try and melt snow for the animals. It took quite a while to get ready and quite a while to melt but we managed to give them all a drink. It was nice and bright today. Roy and Joy were here this evening.
February 23. Snowing and drifting the roads up. Quite a bit of fresh snow has fallen so I melted snow again. We seemed to get through with the melting quicker today. We let all the stock out. Uncle Arthur was down here this morning. Not a bad sort of day on the whole.

Some Nevard cattle on the trail from the big slough.

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  1. Glad it "warmed up" for you. Guess cold is cold whatever the century.


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