Sunday, March 3, 2013

Letter from London 1916

My grandfather, Horace Nevard wrote this letter to Alice Hall in 1916.

November 22, 1916
My Dear Alice
As you will see by this letter I have arrived back to camp alright. It was very foggy just before we reached London. We reached Liverpool Street at 12:00, went to Lyons and had our dinner. Steak pudding, and started to walk to Charing Cross but found it too far to walk so took the motor bus. By the time we reached there it was nearly time to go. We reached camp just before 4 and we had to sleep in tents last night but have a hut today.
Had a real good sleep last night, went to bed at 8:00 and did not get up until 7:00 in the morning. I hope that you arrived home safe and also had a good sleep. You must tell me all about it when you write. I received two letters from you this morning. One was from Camp Hughes so the address that you put on the last one was alright.
We have had another medical inspection today and I hear that we may be going to France this week but not sure. If that is so I shall not be able to get home for Xmas but we shall be there quite a time training I suppose. Am hoping the photos will turn out well and hope you will send me one as soon as you can.
It was raining when we reached camp last night but is nice and fine today. Don't forget to tell me all the news when you write will you. Hope that this will satisfy you as I cannot think of anything more to say. Love to all and my best, truest and fondest love to you my dearest Alice. Hope this will find you quite well as it leaves me. Your ever loving Horace
Horace Nevard, back row, far right.


  1. That was a long sleep for a military man!

  2. Life goes on, the cycle never changes.

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