Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Changes At Winstanley Grove

Arthur Nevard's son, Bud, came home from the army in January of 45 returning to Winstanley Grove farm , to be joined later by his wife,who he had met in England. Further details transcribed from Bill Nevard's journals.
April 18, 1945
I got a load of oat straw and hauled away cow manure in the morning. John Senft took two more loads of oats to Lipton for Jack Binnington. Uncle Horrie and Donald went to Lipton in the wagon and brought Bud home and a load of furniture for him. In the afternoon I put a tinful of gopher poison out on 13.
April 19
We sawed some of Uncle Horrie's wood today. Bud and Uncle Arthur busy house cleaning. Bud came along before dinner and helped us a bit but in the afternoon there were only 4 of us. Dad, Uncle Horrie , Donald and I. Joy rode over to Headlands post office and asked John Fleming to bring Bud's wife out as she is supposed to come from Regina tomorrow.
April 20
Sawing wood at Silver Birches. A little snow on the ground this morning but not to stay long. Binningtons went away today. John Fleming drove them to Lipton and Bud's wife came off the train from Regina and John Fleming brought her up to Winstanley Grove. Bud and Uncle Arthur busy getting the house ready. Joy went for the mail in the evening.

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