Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tractor Farming at the Nevard Farm

After World War II ended there was a new air of optimism in farming. Tractor farming seemed like the way of the future and the Nevard's old McCormick Deering 15-30, previously only used for belt work, was put into field duty pulling a "tiller". Ernest and Bill Nevard had purchased a new Cockshutt tiller originally intending to pull it with horses. Bud Nevard, returning to the farm from the military wanted to farm with the tractor so here are a few excerpts from Bill's journal chronicling the ups and downs of early tractor farming.

July 11: Bud started off for Lipton with the tractor this morning but he only got as far as Bill Miller's, having considerable difficulty with it and returned home. John Fleming went to Lipton with his tractor in the evening, Bud going with him, and they brought the tiller home.

July 12: Dad and helped Bud get started with the tiller. He started on the basement 15 acres but didn't do much before dinner as the engine didn't go good and they had to do something to the magneto. After dinner I helped him get the lands all set out and he got on better. Dad helped him get the tiller adjusted and after supper Bud worked until almost dark.

July 13: Bud tillering today. He would probably have finished but hit a stone and broke a spool on the tiller.

July 14: Bud went to Keliher with Bartons this evening and got spools for the tiller. Bartons went to see a movie and Carol went too.

July 15: Bud put the new spool on the tiller. Dad and I went to Goffs in the afternoon in the democrat. Sandy is working for Van Luvens.

July 24: Bud tillering today but in the afternoon the tractor went on the blink so he got me to haul it up to the yard using my four horses so he could take it to pieces. Some of the bearings were gone. Bud and Carol down at our place tonight.
A photo of a McCormick Deering 15-30 tractor like the Nevard's.
(This one is mine)


  1. Everyone faces tough time after world war II. But farming work never die even in the war farming keep going and still going.


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