Monday, August 19, 2013

New Separator For Nevard Farm

In August of 1939 the Nevards purchased a Huber threshing machine (separator) from a local machinery dealer, L.D. Cohen. Here is the account from Bill Nevard's journal.
August 9, 1939

Louis Cohen was here with an agent from I.J. Haug trying to sell us a separator.

August 30

I finished stooking today. Dick hauling water. Dad, Uncle Horrie and Bud making the rack. In the afternoon a big truck brought the new separator from Regina and we unloaded it near the old sod stable.

August 31

Much activity in preparation for threshing. Dad, Uncle Horrie and Bud fixing up the engine. Dick and I blocked up the red bin and put it on skids. Then we pulled the bin from up the hill down to the 15 acres on 13 using Topsy, Gleam, Firelight and Violet with Glory and Barney in the lead.

After dinner Dick went to Goff's on Glory to phone Cohen and tell him to bring out gas. Bud helped me to move the red bin with his team. Dick got water after coming back. Cohen came along after dark with two drums of gas.


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