Thursday, December 19, 2013

1942 Letter From Overseas

Bud Nevard had joined the Canadian Army and was stationed somewhere in England at the time he wrote this letter to his cousin, Dick Nevard in 1942.

May 23, 1942

Dear Dick:

Just a few lines to thank you for your letter. How are things going, ok? Everybody up and doing eh? Well so are we . Say , if you want to see flowers etc. you should be here. Everywhere you go is just like a picture card. All colors of the rainbow and it sure is pretty. You'd get a great kick out of it I can't tell you where I am but I have cycled to Windsor Castle and up around London and all around the big shot's places here. There are some great old places too, Churches etc. I went and saw Winchester Cathedral one day a while back but I think you heard of that before now.

This would be a nice place if the weather was dry but it is anything but. Just now it is raining and yesterday it was raining and going by past experience, it will be raining tomorrow. It fact its nearly always raining. You see my point don't you? Although we had some dandy weather for a few days. If I stay in this land very much longer they'll have to carry me off. Boy do my knees ache, all the time hurting. And I've still got the cough that I started with last year when I got here. It was raining that day too .

The boys are getting rather fed up just sitting around and I think that some lad is going to get real sore some day and cut these balloon barrage cables and let the place sink. But I guess we will soon be at them (I hope). that's if the Russians leave any of them. It might not be long before this thing is all over. What I don't know what I'll be doing after the war. Right now we feel more like 6 months rest or something like it. Say a holiday at Patrick or Palm Beach.

What's this I hear about L. Goff being in the army over here? What did he join? And send me Sid North's address will you?

Well I think I'd better quit and go have a shower etc. Bed time so they tell me. Cheerio old duck , best of wishes to all. Your Cousin Bud.

One thing the army sure has improved is my writing, don't you think?

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