Sunday, December 1, 2013

Building Goff's House

Ernest Nevard, Mary Goff, Grace Hobetzeder, Les Goff, Horace Nevard
Ernest and Horace Nevard took on the job of building a new house for Tom  and Mary Goff in 1951 in the village of Lipton. Here are a few details as written in the journal of Bill Nevard.
Dec. 5, 1950 Mrs. Goff and Sandy came down to see Dad on Sunday about building a house for them with cement blocks as they are buying a lot in Lipton.
June 29, 1951 Sandy Goff came in the car and took Dad up to Lipton this morning to put in the footing for Goff's house and brought him back tonight.
July 4, 51: Dad went up to Lipton on the bus this morning and stayed there.
July 13, 51: Dad came home tonight. He has put Goff's cistern in.
Aug. 3, 51: I headed north on my bike this morning. Dad, Uncle Horrie and Les Goff busy working on Goff's house. I didn't stay long but hit out for the farm.
Aug. 4, 51: Roy came through with his car on the way to Lipton so I went with him and bought a few groceries at Jampolsky's store. Very windy but they are working on Goff's house.
Aug. 9, 51: Raining. I had given up the idea of heading back to Lilac Grove when Bud came along in his car on the way to Lipton so I came down with him. Stopped at Fisher's for dinner and after that I went over to Goff's house but no one was there so I went to Jack Goff's for a while. As I was heading up town Dad and Uncle Horrie came along with Sandy and Les Goff in the car. So I left my bike with Fishers and went down to the San with Sandy and Dad as they wanted to get some of our bricks to finish the chimney.
Aug. 16, 51: I went up and saw Bud this morning and he drove me to Lipton in his car. We were going to fix up a lease but Walton was not home. I saw Dad and Uncle Horrie working on Goff's house.
Oct. 4, 51: Dad came home from Lipton on the bus tonight to get his best clothes as he is to be a pall bearer at Sam Wheale's funeral tomorrow.
Oct. 15, 51: Dad went up to Lipton on the bus but came home tonight. He is through at Lipton now.
Nov. 18, 51: Sandy Goff came along tonight to ask Dad to go back to Lipton tomorrow and help them fix up their furnace so Mr. and Mrs. Goff can move into town.
Goffs house complete

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  1. It looks like a nice, solid house. I always sort of liked cement block houses, but I'm in the minority.


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