Friday, October 3, 2014

First Sunday At The San

October 3rd , 1948 marked Bill Nevard's first Sunday spent at the T.B. San. Here is what he had to say about it.
My first Sunday at the San but I worked just the same as Saturday will be my day off from now on.
It was also my first day alone in the vegetable room but I didn't find it too hard and was all through by 2:30 pm. Mr. Poy, the Chinese cook from 31 came in and told me they won't need any spuds on Monday. After supper I climbed the highest hill to the North and West of the San and got a good view of the district. After getting my ear fixed up I went back to my lodgings and washed my head.
The next Saturday.......

October 9: My day off and after breakfast I started out walking to Lipton. I walked about half way and rode the rest being picked up by John Hepting. A cold wind blowing. Dad and Uncle Horrie were doing Jack Goff's chimney. The three of us had dinner at the cafe. Roy came to Lipton on his bike. I picked up some rides on the  way back but walked most of the way and was too late for supper. A big road gang went through Lipton from the East. 8 big diesels with road graders , cabooses and other stuff. 


  1. Life was certainly different then.

  2. There were several John Hepting's in that day. Perhaps he was referring to my father. Dad rented a farm from John Senft for several years, which bordered the reserve. He later became neighbours with Les and Joy (Nevard) Goff and the Hobetzeder's when he bought a farm right next to them 12 miles north of Lipton. John and Ruth really enjoyed their neighbours.

    1. Yes, I was wondering which one it was too.


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