Saturday, November 29, 2014

December 16 1947-Winter and Winstanley Grove

Got another two loads of wood in and after dinner we went and chopped a bit.
Donald went off on Rusty to phone the doctor. John Fleming and his family went
to Lipton in the morning. Charlie Huber brought the doctor up as far as his place,
then Donald and Joy went down with the team and sleigh and fetched him up to
Winstanley Grove that night. But Bud and Carol had become the parents of a baby
girl before the doctor arrived. Richard Supple brought a Mrs. Tom Berner there.
She was an English war bride and a nurse. Joy stayed there while Bud drove the
doctor back to Lipton. He never got home until about 5 a:m .

December 17: I went up to Silver Birches and heard the particulars of last night's
events. Dick and I put in the morning cutting wood in the bluff and cleaned up the
manure after dinner. Blowing and drifting quite a bit with a nasty cold wind so we
did not bother to get water.

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