Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barn Building

In the fall of 1947 Bill was putting the finishing touches to the new cement block barn.
November 18: Bud came down this morning and threaded a number of bolts to put through the hinges of the doors. Dad and I put some tin on the roof above the hip on the West side. After dinner Bud and I finished boarding it in.

November 19: Bud came down this morning and we pulled all the tin off the roof off the little stable. We were going to finish roofing the barn but it was snowing and quite miserable so Bud went home after helping us move the calf into the new barn. Dad has the doors at each end fixed up now and in the evening we got Raspberry and April Showers into the new barn and they spent their first night there.
November 20: Bud came this morning and we finished tinning the roof. A little awkward but not too bad. Bud had a rope over top of the barn and tied to his waist. He was on the slope and I was on the ridge. Dad busy with the doors.
The barn in 2014. 

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