Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Funeral On Christmas Eve

More from the journals of Bill Nevard
December 24, 1970.
Dick got the Christmas pudding made yesterday and started cooking it this evening. I got the half turkey in to thaw out and we made the stuffing.
 I went to the San for the mail this morning and got my senior citizen's travelling card. The wind was blowing hard and a fellow said the Lipton road was blocked by drifting snow. After dinner Harry Lindsey phoned up up to say he was going to the Sid Phillips funeral and would pick us up about 2;45 so he did and we rode with him to the Lipton town Hall. We met the snow plow on the highway. Snow drifting across the highway both going and coming but we had no trouble getting along. A lot of people there and Mr. Badham took the funeral.
 Dick, Phil fisher, John Radwell, Edwin Senft, Hugh Robertson and one other were the bearers. Pat Neil, Charlie Hook, Fred Wagner, Ernest Senft, Sandy Goff and I were the honorary bearers. We all rode out to the cemetery after the service. The bearers in Edwin Senft's car and the honorary bearers in Ernest Senft's car. Cold and windy at the cemetery although we were sheltered from the wind  by a tarp. Then we drove back to town hall but did not stay for lunch, coming home with Harry Lindsey.

Coming into the valley we passed a car that had gone off the road into the deep snow and been left. We had supper and Dick went to bed for a while. He got up in time for us to go to the Christmas eve service at 11:30 pm. It was not cold and the Church was well filled. Mr. Badham asked me to light the Christmas candle. We had a good sized choir and they sang well but I could not sing in exultation having a cold and a sore throat. I helped Harry to count the collection. It was after 2 am when we got home to bed.

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  1. That could certainly take the joy out of the evening.


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