Friday, December 5, 2014

December 1970

December 11: I cut the beef up this morning and Dick took it out to the shed to freeze. Then we jacked up the Beaumont and put blocks under it to take the weight off the tires. In the afternoon I drove to Lipton and visited Syd and Rose. Their daughter, Irene Huber was there with one of her boys. Rose gave me a cake when I left. Then I went to see Mrs. Fisher. Olive was just leaving. Gladys was there. We had a game of Chinese Checkers. Mrs. Fisher also gave me a cake. I visited Mrs. Goff and Doris, then went to Dave's store for groceries before driving home.

December 18: I got up in good time this morning and got ready to go to Regina with Don on the bus. Dick thought he might be along about 9:50 as he had done before. Dick started the car to warm up at 10:00 am but no Don arrived. When 10:30 rolled around we knew we had missed the first bus and were likely to miss the second but just then he arrived with a truck load of firewood. Dick drove us to the bus depot and the bus arrived just as we were buying the tickets and we were the only passengers. One old lady got on at Qu'appelle and 13 other passengers at Balgonie.

Don was not particular where we had dinner so we walked from the bus depot to the Chi Gardens. It was closed, to our sorrow, so we had to look up another eating place and on the way back we landed up at the Town And Country where we had a nice meal for $2.94. We went to the book exchange where I bought six old books. Then Don wanted to go to the Bay so we did. It was the first time I had been in the store. Don bought three records and I bought two. Then we went to the Medical Arts building between Scarth and Cornwall to keep Don's appointment. We got there by 3:00 pm but had to wait until 3:45 before he could see the doctor. I think the doctor was satisfied with his progress. He has to keep on with the diet and come back in two months.
Then we had to go to a special store to get the stuff Don has for his diet. Then to Simpsons where I stood guard on our stuff while Don looked around and bought some shirts. By then it was time to get back to catch the bus. They had to put on a special bus to take care of the home coming passengers and that one was filled right up.

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  1. I never thought about taking the weight off the tires so much as the springs.


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