Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 13, 1965 Continued

I drove back home for dinner. In the afternoon I went back to Lipton, called on Mrs. Goff. She phoned Joy to let them know I was going to see Uncle Horrie. I drove out to the cemetery again and gave Lerat a thermos of hot coffee. He thought he might be finished about 4:00 pm.
I drove out to the farm, parked by the gate and walked in to Silver Birches. They were not surprised to hear about Uncle Arthur. I did not stay too long as I did not want the car to get too cold to start. When I got back to the cemetery about 4:00, Lerat still had an hour's work in order to finish. I drove into town to see Bud but he had gone off again. So I called around at Mrs. Goff's for a while. Then drove back to the cemetery, waited til Lerat had finished, then drove him home. Hannah came along this evening with a few boxes of Uncle's things including the Waterloo stick.

January 14:Dick and I both off work today and we left home in good time going down to the Fort to pick up Lerat. Inclined to snow a bit but much milder. We drove right up to the cemetery as Lerat wanted to make sure everything was ok. Then going back to Lipton and we left Lerat at the hotel. Then went to Mrs. Goff's where Les, Joy, Ralph, David and Ivy Hobetzeder were there. . Uncle Horrie and Don soon arrived. The service was delayed as Mr Ellis got his car stuck near Jim Potter's and had to be pulled out so we went to Bud's place next door and waited.
Nothing else untoward occurred and at the close of the service most of us went to the grave side. Pat Neil, John Senft, Tom North, Philip Fisher, Manuel Miller and Melvin Grainger were the pall bearers. Then we came back to Goff's for a while. When we thought Lerat had time enough to fill in the grave we went back to pick him up. He wanted to go into the hotel for one quick beer so we left him and went to Our Store to buy a few groceries. We talked a bit with Tom North and Philip Fisher and then Dick went to look for Lerat. Met him coming back from the hotel. We drove back to the Fort and I paid Lerat with a cheque for $25.

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