Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Nine Mile Walk In January

Actually 18 miles in total distance walked.
January 15, 1949
This being my day off I decided to try and get home.  I caught the Regina bus and was the only passenger until we reached Lipton. The driver said the roads were good.At Lipton Bill Rutherford and his wife and one of the Wesa boys got on. I got off at Gillespie's corner and walked the rest of the way home facing a pretty stiff wind all the way but the road wasn't bad. I met about four cutters going in.
I found all well at home. Dad had made a meat pudding for dinner. Four of us ate it. Uncle Arthur, Roy and I. Roy is cutting wood for us. Dad found up some clothes for me to take back. He has put beaver board on the ceiling and has burnt quite a number of old clothes out of the way.
About 3:30 I started walking back to Lipton and I had to walk all the way. Still blowing and colder than before but the wind was behind me. It was bright moonlight when I reached Lipton and got to Brink's cafe about 6:50 p;m.  Bob Montgomery, more than slightly stewed, greeted me like a long lost brother. The bus soon arrived and took me safely back to the San.
Bill Nevard at upper right of photo along with some of the other workers at Fort San. 


  1. That's a rough way to travel in winter!

  2. That distance would be quite a workout even in good weather. I guess when you don't own a horse and the bus does not travel that route then walking was the best option. Most traffic would have been headed into town when Bill set out walking home. By the time he was heading back to town the traffic would be headed home, the opposite direction he was traveling. Otherwise he could have caught a ride.


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