Saturday, December 26, 2015

Vintage Nevard Christmas

Vintage Christmas cards sent to the Sask. Nevards by their family still back in Essex, U.K. in the early days of the 1900s.
This one from Uncle Cecil Nevard in 1907 to nephew Bill. (E.W. Nevard).

December 17, 1907
My Dear little E.
I hope you will like this card but I am afraid you will not receive it in time for Xmas. I suppose you have plenty of snow now but we have not seen any yet. I hope you received the order I sent for you. I am very sorry that you have had the toothache. Please wish your Uncles Arthur, Horrie, your Mother and Father a very happy Christmas from us all and give them our love and accept the same for yourself. 
With much love, Cecil

Cecil Nevard 


  1. I love the old cards and the family communications. Is the photo of Cecil?

  2. Hello mr Goff I am bud's great grandson and would love to hear more about him and my family.

    1. Hi Dylan. Good to hear you find something of interest in this "Nevardblog". Your great grandfather has been mentioned several times in this blog. I might have a bit more to add as time permits.


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