Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Trip To The Clinic

November 12 1964
This evening Dick and I drove down to Lebret to Stan's garage as the automatic transmission was leaking and getting quite low. Stan advised taking the car in to Regina to an automatic drive clinic and he phoned to the place arranging an appointment for next Monday.

November 16
I got up at 4 am, had my breakfast, shaved and got ready and started out for Regina at 6 am. I did not know what the roads would be like so I drove slow and got to Regina by 7:30. The road was good and I made most of the trip before daybreak. I had to wait a while at the transmission clinic before anybody showed up but they were not too long getting at work on it. The foreman, Gerard Hooey, took it for a short drive to test it before they took the transmission out. After this was done he showed me different parts which needed repairing and figured that the total cost would be about $175. He said they would put a rebuilt transmission in for $185 so I agreed to that.
One of the mechanics, David Fraser drove me to the geriatric centre in his truck and I saw Uncle Arthur and Jack Fitch and Mr. Hutchings. They reckon that Uncle is a bit better than he was. He was sitting in an arm chair but he can't talk much and he seems to be pretty helpless. An orderly fed him with a spoon while I was there.
It had warmed up and was quite pleasant walking back to the clinic which is close to the new Leader Post building on Park street. They had the car all ready for me when I got back so I gave Hooey a cheque for the job and drove home getting back before 4 pm. As I'd had no dinner I made some cream of mushroom soup.

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