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Christmas Letter Dec. 43

Headlands P.O.
Dec. 19, 1943
Dear Dick
I didn't write my usual epistle to you last Sunday as I had finished my last letter only two days before and had it posted on the Saturday so now I have 9 days news to tell you.
Roy went to Lipton with John Fleming on the Friday although I didn't know it until afterwards.
On Saturday the 11th Dad and both uncles went to Lipton in the democrat taking King and George. Uncle Horrie brought the mail down with him as he came and I got your last letter written from B.C. Pleased to hear that you are able to make a little extra money. Hang on to it as you will find it very useful later on. I don't think you need furnish any more towards the tiller as I will have enough accumulated to pay for it when it comes I expect. Of course there is always the possibility that the company may not be able to fill my order.
I got another load of wood home while the men were away in town. Uncle Arthur rode back from Lipton with August Zielke in his truck and August took a load of barley back to town for him.
Sunday was quite a bit colder, 10 below zero in the morning and Monday was quite cold but nice and bright and I managed to get 2 more loads of wood home. August Zielke took two loads of wheat down for Uncle Arthur who rode to Lipton with him the first time and sent away the final payment on the separator. On Tuesday the 14th I got 2 more loads of wood home which makes 20 loads piled in the yard and ready for the saw and I guess that should make a year's supply although I still have a little to get in.
In the afternoon I hauled away manure and got a jag of oat straw. Dad baked a Christmas cake. We are getting all the cattle in now. On the 15th I went on 25 and got 50 green poles for a new hen house. The weather was turning milder again. On the 16th I went again and got another 50 poles. I guess I will have to get a third load to have enough. Part of Uncle Arthur's big slough has had the snow cleared off with a fresno and there is a bunch come and skate or slide there every Sunday now. Wheales, Bartons, Suppples, Berners and so on. On the 17th Cliff Barton came to Silver Birches to help Uncle Horrie kill his turkeys and Dad went up to help. I think they killed 32 altogether. Dad is sending one of them to Regina and Uncle Horrie is going to have a gobbler from Dad. The Herrings went to a dance at Headlands. It was a farewell affair for Billy Bordass who is going overseas.
Yesterday we chopped oats both for ourselves and for Uncle Horrie. It was a mild day , hardly freezing but too windy for comfort. Donald brought the mail down in the evening. Besides your letter Dad got one from Uncle Cecil. I think he is going to live in Colchester when he can get a house. Today has been reasonably nice without any outstanding events to record. I have composed 4 new songs in the past week. Dad will take your rubbers, felt socks, mitts and overalls tomorrow and leave them in Andy Gray's office for you when you come home. If you are coming home for New Year's celebration I guess I'll probably be seeing you before I write any more letters. Anyway I'll wish you a merry Christmas and ask you to convey the compliments of the season to Uncle Eddie and Aunt May from us. I think thats all the news I've got just now so goodbye Dick
From your loving brother E.W. Nevard
Bill and Dick Nevard by poplar logs about 1922.


  1. Hello Dear Friend
    Enjoyed reading this letter very much. I miss how we use to write letters like these. I especially miss the ones I shared with my grand parents.
    Your background is really prefect for your blog.
    Glad you enjoyed your Christmas. Ours was simple too. First year I think that I did not have the traditional foods. We had breakfast at my sons and no Christmas meal later. It was strange but it was okay since I did get to see my children.
    Hope you and your family are doing good. I know this is hard time for you with your job ending. Let me know how your doing.
    Sending you the best wishes for a wonderful New Year.


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