Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Christmas Card For Ernie

Bill Nevard was known as "young Ernie" to some in the family. It was a long way from his original home in Lexden, Essex, U.K. to his new home in Saskatchewan, or as it was known then, "district of Assiniboia". It must have been exciting to receive letters and cards from their family still in England. Like this one from Aunt Louie (Louisa Nevard/Hall).

Dear Ernie
I thought perhaps you would like to have a card from Aunt Louie. I hope you will get this in time for Xmas and I hope you will all spend a happy one. I wish I could send you something else but it costs too much by post so we shall have to tell the postal folks they must make it cheaper. I must write and tell you about little Horrie anther time. He is a funny little boy and makes me think of you when you were his age. Uncle Cecil is coming to see us for Xmas if he can. I hope poor mother's cough is better. We had a nice letter from her Sunday morning.
Wishing you all a Happy Xmas and a bright and prosperous new year.

From your ever-loving Aunt Louie
No doubt a familiar view of Bill's old home town of Straight Road, Lexden, Essex.

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  1. Home is always home. I'm sure Ernie felt a twinge of emotion when he saw the picture.


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