Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Working At Redpaths

The winter of 1910-1911 Arthur and Margaret (Daisy) Nevard left their homestead at Winstanley Grove to work at the farm of Mr. Redpath in the Parklands district. They received this post card to mark Christmas and Daisy's birthday on the 26th of December. I have been unable to read the name of the sender.
Dear Daisy:
As I wrote you a week or so back I don't think I will write now as I am very busy. But I must just wish you a very happy Xmas, also a happy birthday. You seem to be very happy. Do you like the idea of going to Mr. Redpath's? It seems alright to me and you will be more lively I should say. We all have colds and no wonder with the damp weather we have. Much love to both, your loving sister.....


  1. I almost felt like an intruder reading that card owned by another, long ago. A hundred years, gone in a flash but this card has remained as a reminder.. Beautiful.
    I came over from Gorges Blog. Happy Christmas from Queensland, Australia.

    1. Thanks for stopping in to read Mary. And thanks Gorges for posting links to mine on your blog.


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