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Letter From Sister Emily 1905

Another Christmas letter , this one to Ernest Nevard from his sister, Emily. Ernest and brother Arthur had been in Canada since April of 1903 working and trying to raise enough money to go farming in what would eventually become Saskatchewan. The young Ernie mentioned here was Ernest's son, (Bill) born in February of 1902 so it is doubtful if he would even remember his father who had left for Canada in April of 1903. The family would be re-united in May of 1906 when Mary and Bill came to Canada.
36 Straight Road
Lexden, Essex, England
Dec. 26, 1905
My Dear Brother
I was very pleased to receive a letter from you, yesterday, Christmas day, just in time to wish us all a happy Xmas. Thank you very much for all your good wishes but I am so sorry you won't have one letter from home soon enough to wish you a happy Christmas although you know we all hope you are well and happy.
Mary couldn't write soon enough as she was expecting a letter from you to say you was going up country. Louie sent to me for your address as she wanted to write to you for xmas but we told her she had better wait until your next letter came when we found you were still at Winnipeg. I sent her word. I expect you will soon have it now.
Thank you very much for the sending of the order. Mother says you didn't want to send it. She hope you haven't wronged yourself as we should manage alright. Mother sends her love to you and hope you will send more news about yourself. You never say if you are ill or well, in work or out. Of course we know you have done some work or else you wouldn't have any money.
We are very anxious to know about you. Your son is standing looking at me writing to you. He say, send my love to my dear dada, tell him how I used to go and call Aunt Louie in to dinner. We have been having fine fun with him this Xmas. We told him on Saturday Grandfather Xmas come with nice presents for good little children at Xmas time. And if he was a good little boy and go to sleep perhaps Grandfather Xmas would come. He had only just gone off to sleep when the postman brought a nice large book from Mary's cousins at Leiston, Mary and Daisy. It is a nice book all about birds and animals, illustrated. A very nice book for him to read when he gets a bit more advanced in his education. Mary took it upstairs and put it on the bed so when he woke up Sunday morning he said, "did grandfather Xmas come?" Mother said yes he came. When he undone the parcel he said I wonder if that is from my dear dada. When he saw what it was he said "Oh its a book, a beautiful book, " Mary had hard work to dress him. He wanted it on the table during breakfast. We were having bacon for breakfast of which he is very fond but when Mary told him he couldn't have it on the table as it would get greasy he said, "give me something else to eat then, I don't want the bacon.". We told him on Sunday night if he was good and went to bed grandfather Xmas would come and fill up his stocking. So Cecil got one of his socks and put some sugar mice and other sweets, biscuits, nuts, apple, orange , etc he bought at the shop and a bonbon sticking out at the top of course.
We were all at Church on Xmas morning as Mary and Cecil went at 7 o'clock and Horace and I went at 8. So Ernie and Mother were all alone so when he woke up he said "grandmother, wake up, get up, did grandfather Xmas come?" So when they got up he found the sock. When Mary got home he was just discovering the treasures. He was so delighted so he had to have another one this morning, only on a much smaller scale as grandfather Xmas had exhausted nearly all his store.
Mrs. Lester has given him a mechanical toy. It is a fireman going up a fire escape. She told Mary it was for him to take to Canada but I doubt if much of it would go............

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  1. Some things have changed; some never do. Interesting.


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