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Louisa's Wedding 1905

Ernest Nevard along with brother, Arthur, had been in Canada two years when he received this letter from his sister, Louisa Nevard back in their old home of Lexden, Essex, U.K.

November 2, 1905

36 Straight Road, Lexden, Essex

Dear Ernie

I have just been writing to Arthur, now I want to write you just a few lines to tell you when I am to be married. We have fixed it for the 20th of this month at 12:30. If its later I will let you know. The Canon will be away and he would like us to wait until he comes back but Mr. Briggs says he will do it if I like so I no doubt he will.

I have been to the Chrysanthemum show this evening. I have always wanted to go and never have been able and tonight I ought to have been at home doing my dress but mother said she should go if she was in my place as I may never have such a good chance. I enjoyed myself very much. The band was simply lovely.

I have had several presents and have some more to come yet. They are as follows: Misses C..... Queen Ann tea set, plated. Nurse Winstanley, sideboard cloth. Mrs. Clayden , glass cake stand. Nellie CLayden, china jam dish. Nurse B....., glass cheese dish. Aunt Annie and Uncle, bread knife and trencher. Winnie, a tea cozy. Annie is going to give us a cruet, Alice a tablecloth. Mrs. Hall, the cake and a pair of blankets. Then I have some more coming. Mary has given me the tea set which I like very much. Mother has given me a nice white quilt and Emily, a colored one.

Willie would have liked to have gone to London but I don't suppose we shall go as I have so many things to pack up afterwards. I like the house where I shall live very much. They are large rooms 18 feet wide and 19 1/2 long upstairs and down.

Mr. Wooltorton? gave Willie a nice present, a red glass sugar basin with silver edging and handle and sugar tongs. I expect we shall muster up a good few altogether but I must let you know afterwards. Grandfather has given me 5 shillings too which is wonderful isn't it. I am sending you a pattern like my dress. Emily's is a blue with a hat to match and Alice's too. I have a white chiffon hat. I will save you and Arthur a lump of cake if I can for Mary to bring out so I should like you to have a taste. I will write again later on when I am Mrs. Hall but I have heaps to do.

With love from your ever-loving sister, Louie.

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