Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bill Leaves The Farm

Not forever but in September of 1948 Bill got a job working at the Fort Qu'appelle T.B. sanatorium where his brother, Dick, had been working since the spring of that year.
A few entries from his journal from that time...
Sept. 29, 1948:Dick came home after I got to bed tonight and told me that there was a job waiting for me at the San.
Sept. 30:This morning, after doing my necessary chores I went up to Silver Birches and told Roy I was going down to the San so that he would come and do my chores. I packed Dad's valise and started off walking but only had to walk to the gate as August Zielke came along in his truck hauling a load of wheat for Sam Wheale. Sam was with him so I got a ride all the way to Lipton. On arrival I walked down to Jack Goff's and found out that Dad and Uncle Horrie were working at Bailey's so I went there and saw them before starting out for the San. Once again I was in luck for a truck belonging to the San overtook me before I had got very far and gave me a lift right to the San. I went into the stores and saw Mr. Skinner. Then I was taken to Miss Biden , dietitician , who told me what I would have to do and as it was nearly dinner time, took me to the assembly room. After waiting there a little while I went in to dinner. It is quite a large dining room with 18 tables I think, seating 180 people. Bill Binnington was there at dinner. After that I walked pretty well all around the grounds and at 1:30 pm I was taken to the admitting office where they took a test and after a wait I had an x-ray of my chest. Then a longer wait before I was examined by Dr. McPherson and afterwards another x-ray. Then John Bailey, the head orderly, took me to the men's quarters and shew me my room. Dick got back about the same time and we went to supper. After supper we walked around a bit then went to the Grandview Lunch with Walter Underwood who comes from Northants.


  1. I doubt if they'd be so quick to x-ray anymore.

    1. X-rays were very common back in the T.B. era. I can remember the mobile x ray vans coming to the small towns in the sixties .


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