Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 28 1946, Hogs to Market

January 28: We loaded up four of our young hogs in the sleigh and I took them to Lipton, Uncle Horrie going with me. Not too bad a day but a cold wind developed making it somewhat unpleasant. The sleigh seemed to drag heavy but we got down in plenty of time. Our pigs being the first stock there. John Fleming was right behind us with a steer loaded in his sleigh. After unloading our stock and putting the teams in, John Fleming, Uncle H. and I went to Joe's restaurant for dinner. I went to Andy Gray's after dinner and gave him the certificates to fix up. Mrs. Gray is much better now.
Quite a bunch of teams in at Kellsey's. I saw the train come in but Dick was not on it.
Blowing harder and snowing a bit on the way home. Bud took Carol to Lipton in the cutter about 9 p:m.
January 29: Snowing today so I didn't do a lot. Uncle Arthur went up to Winstanley Grove to feed Bud's pigs. Uncle Horrie and Donald came down in the afternoon with our rack and took their sleigh back and their groceries. Uncle Arthur brought the mail down with two letters from Dick who thinks he will be home in February. Bud came back tonight and told us that he and Carol are the proud parents of a son born at 9 o'clock this morning.
 A somewhat unrelated photo but it shows how deep the snow can get some winters in Sask. Centre is Margaret (Daisy) Nevard when she worked at a farm near Pense in about the winter of 1912-13.

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