Sunday, November 15, 2015

Late Harvest and Municipal Election

November 12, 1946
Bud came along before daylight this morning trying to start the tractor so he could take the outfit up to John Senft's. He couldn't get it started so he asked me to come out and help and eventually he had to put a fire under it to warm it up before he could start. Then he went down after the separator. He succeeded in getting it to the yard but the radiator was freezing up on him so he had to give it up as a bad job and went up to John Senft's. They both came back with John's team to haul the separator but when they started off one of John's horses was scared of the separator behind him so they had to take him off and borrow Roy's horse, Duke, before they could get away.
I got a tank of water and then turned the team out and did some fencing. They got John's oats threshed. Bud running the machine and John Senft, Kreutzer and Donald having racks. John Senft and Bud brought the separator back at night with the John Deere tractor. They threshed about 15 loads of sheaves.

November 12, 1946
The great municipal election day. Robert Senft and Mike Engel came after Uncle Arthur in a car and took him to Hobetzeder's  to be D.R.O. I went and did a bit more fencing on the East line of 13. John Senft hauled a load of wheat for Bud. and while we were having dinner he came along to haul a load for Dad. So I went to the bin with him and helped load up. Dad went off to Lipton with him. They didn't get back until nearly 6 pm and Edwin Senft came along in a car right behind them to take them back to Balrobie to vote. They only just got there in time. Bill Senft brought them and Uncle Arthur back. Manuel Miller won the election.
Bud Nevard on a newer tractor (Ford 9N). Not the one referred to in the above journal entries which was a McCormick Deering 15-30.


  1. Cold weather never has been much fun for workin' men!

  2. It has always amazed me how they started engines in those days before electricity, block heaters and anti freeze.


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