Tuesday, November 10, 2015

News From Ipswich

A letter from Cecil Nevard in Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K. to his brother Horace in Saskatchewan in 1940.

52 Corder Road
December 1940

My Dear Brother
You will I guess be surprised to hear that I have been laid up with pneumonia. Have been at home just two months today and expect to return to work on Monday next. Fortunately my wages are not stopped. I rather worried Ethel and the Doctor for two days or so as they were doubtful whether I should pull through but I am still here, thank God. I got it through being run down and then getting out of bed and patrolling the street on A.R.R. duty so must thank Jerry bombers for that.
Fortunately I was treated with the new drug, M693 so had no messy linseed poultices nor pneumonia jacket. I've finished with air raid work until the spring (Doctors orders).

I think you know that Horace is taking over our old home (as Emily wished) and is still living there when off police duty, on his own. He misses Emily very much.
I did the job to get co-op money transferred and post office account. Also small life assurance. I've paid all accounts and the balance handed to Horace who has undertaken to send you ten pounds after the war. The amount Emily told him was due to you. He would have sent it right away but under the present conditions there might be some difficulty.

You are all wondering, I expect, how we are all getting along here in England. Believe me we are not in the least downhearted nor wanting for food. Of course its not pleasant when the Jerries are passing overhead, which they frequently do at night. One never knows when they will drop a bomb. Quite a number have been dropped in this vicinity but only about nine people killed and a few wounded. Very little damage done except on one occasion. We live within 200 yards of the place where a land mine exploded and about 600 houses damaged. No windows were broken in our house.
This was the only big bang we have had. As it did not go off at once all the people were evacuated and no one was hurt.
Leslie is still at Napiers in London. Just had a move up to the analysis department. They are all quite ok.
Ethel's father slipped down and cracked his knee cap some six weeks ago. Still in London hospital but getting on well and expects to come out shortly
Their home in London is quite ok. Ethel went up to see him about a fortnight ago. She said that although lots of damage had been done in parts there's plenty of London left and life goes on much as usual.
Daphne who is still working hard sends her love to you, one and all, in which Ethel joins.

Your affectionate brother

P.S. Leslie hopes to get married next June to an Ipswich girl (quite nice)
One of Ethel's cousins from Ontario came over with the first
contingent of the Canadian R.A. He is a Sergeant and has been to see us.


  1. Penny (and I) were enthralled to read this and the other letter from her granddad (Cecil). We are very interested to find out who Ethel's cousin was in Ontario. We suspect it was George Warren. Can you confirm?
    I was interested to see that my mother-in-law was described as "quite nice"!
    Hard to believe that Cecil was, about 18 months after this letter, to become grandfather to the triplets. Penny tells me he was a lovely man and they loved him dearly.

  2. Hi Bob. Glad you and Penny got to read the letter. I might have a few more to post here. Can not say for sure who the cousin was but will try to look into it further,


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