Monday, November 21, 2011

Election Day On The Farm

More from the journals of Bill Nevard
1938, November 22
Municipal election day. Dad and both Uncles walked over to Hobetzeders to vote in the morning and heard that a car would come after mother and aunt Alice but it did not come. So I walked there and got my vote cast at ten minutes to 5. Bill Peake was the D.R.O.. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Hobetzeder, Grace, Jack Goff , Karl Miller, Manuel and August Zielke. Uncle Arthur was down here in the evening to find out about going to Lipton.
November 23
Dad and Uncle Arthur went to Lipton and Uncle Arthur got 25 bushels of relief feed oats. Uncle Horrie would have gone but Roy was not feeling well so he stayed home to do the chores. I trimmed Firelight's front hooves, caught Topsy and Gleam , getting water for the house and stock.
It was mild today and snow melting. I only got the 3 cows in tonight. Dad and Uncle Horrie brought some relief canned goods home.
Mr. Fisher was re-elected as reeve with a majority of 40. L. Barkwell re-elected to the council. Chas. Bull and Chas. Hook are the two new councillors. Dr. Griggs went to Silver Birches tonight and put them under quarantine until Dec. 7. Roy , Joy and Donald have chicken pox. Bud came here tonight to say that another car of relief spuds is in Lipton. He is living with Bill Miller just now and helping him bore wells.
Bill with team of horses .


  1. They walked to vote and many folks today won't even drive to do it. No wonder we're losing our freedom!

  2. You must have read my mind Gorges. I was thinking of adding that to the post but didn't We had something over 60% voter turnout in the recent provincial election which is considered good.


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