Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 27 Centennial

A hundred years ago today, November 27, my grandparents, Tom Goff and Mary Lane were married. It wasn't a big affair with many guests invited. Not even in a church. In fact the Anglican minister travelled out from town to perform the service. It happened at the home of Arthur and Daisy Nevard, also known as "Winstanley Grove". Not too surprisingly, Arthur and Daisy were the witnesses who signed the register.
If it was a typical Sask. winter they would have travelled the 3 miles by horse and sleighs.
The choice of location I am guessing had something to do with Arthur and Tom being neighbours and friends since they met up not long after coming to Canada to try homesteading. Being situated only 3 miles apart and coming from "the old country", England, they had common interests.
Not much remains of Winstanley Grove today. A hole in the ground surrounded by rotting logs and the remains of a rusty wood-burning stove marks the spot where my grandparents married a hundred years ago today.
This photo of them is from 1951.

  Winstanley Grove  photos from a few years ago.

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  1. It's nice you know your history; it amazes me the folks who don't. It amazes me even more the ones who don't care.


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