Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Forestry Battalion

Remembrance Day
As we approach November 11th  Arthur Nevard, my grandfather's brother   joined the CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) on August 14 of 1916. According to his attestation paper he was 41 years old. Rather ancient in comparison to the average recruit in that war. No doubt he wanted to do his part to defend the home land as reports of the effects of the war in the U.K. reached all the way out here to his little homestead in Sask. Arthur's original home in Lexden , Essex, U.K. that he had not seen since he left it in  1903 must have seemed a long way off. Now he was prepared to leave his recently established farm homestead, his wife and job in the city of Regina to do his part by joining the Canadian army.
Arthur was taken on the 235th Forestry Battalion and after some basic training at Camp Hughes he sailed on the S.S. Scandinavian Sept. 11, 1916 from Halifax harbour reaching Liverpool, England eleven days later . Many Canadians who might have been ineligible for front line duties were able to participate in the Forestry Battalion since it was well away from the front lines. The army needed timber for various purposes including re-inforcing the trenches. They also needed men to harvest it This would be the Forestry Battalion
It is interesting to read Arthur's military record details. Complete physical details including height , 5 foot 8 inches, complete xray pictures of his teeth. Arthur did his part and saw the end of the war, was discharged and sailed back to his home in Canada to resume his farming activities at Winstanley Grove for many more years to come.


  1. Interesting post! I'd never heard of the forestry battalion, but I suppose we Yanks had some version of the same. Maybe the Seabees in WWII, they seemed to do about anything that was needed. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Dear Ralph - i found you through Mr. Smythe above (Mr. Smythe is like that. He always features stories about new bloggers. He is a really good guy!). Anyway - i am a 10yr Canadian Forces veteran and love stories about and for Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day - check out my blog - i have written several posts over the past week.

    i thank Mr. Nevard for his service and i thank you for sharing this story! you have some good genes in you!

    i am now following your blog and have you listed in our blogroll! and you can thank Mr. Smythe for that!

    thank you for an excellent read!

  3. That was really good to read, I love history.

  4. Thanks all for your interest and taking the time to read my contributions. And to Gorges for spreading the word.


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