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Winter Work On The Nevard Farm

Headlands P.O.
January 17, 1944
It looks to me as if you are going to get two letters from me at once as my other letter, written on the ninth, hasn't been posted yet. They are figuring on going to town tomorrow which means both will be posted together and also a letter to Aunt Flo thanking her for the Christmas gifts.
There being no letter from you in the last mail I wondered if you might be popping in on Saturday night or Sunday morning.
On Jan. 10th as the water in the pasture well was getting pretty low I walked down to that slough of Uncle Arthur's in the corner East of our house and cut a hole through the ice in the middle. After cutting through about 8 inches of ice I hit dirt so I knew there was no use bothering with that slough. I got a couple of loads of wheat straw home and hauled away manure. John Senft came along about dinner time and took the saw and frame away to cut wood. He paid $4 for a share in the saw.
On the 11th Richard Supple came through with his covered in cutter. It is painted red and the shape of it makes you think of a grain elevator in miniature. He was taking Jimmy down to catch the train, the latter having got his second call for training, but he is back now having been turned down. Roy went to town with them. I got three loads of wheat straw home trying to get as much as I could from the stack up the hill before the stock pull it all down.
On the 12th Dad and I loaded the sow up in the sleigh with some difficulty as she apparently couldn't see eye to eye with us in the matter . I took her for her second visit to McCullough's and got her bred to his boar. If it is successful as last time she should have her litter about the 5th of May. I stayed at Mac's for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smythe have another little daughter 5 months old. That same day I started hauling water from Uncle A's big slough for the cattle. Donald was cutting wood for Uncle A.
On the 13th I hauled manure and got another jag of wheat straw home. Guess I have got nearly enough bedding in the corral now to last the rest of the winter, if you can call what we are having winter.
There was a C.C.F. meeting at Headlands at night but none of us went. Uncle H. has a bad cold.
On the 14th I cleaned out the new hen house. It was snowing and blowing a bit that day but it didn't amount to much.
Saturday the 15th was dull all day and the trees white with frost. Dad and I took Raspberry up to John Senft's behind the sleigh and got her bred. Bill Senft was there to help John fix his well pump. Do you remember the Fordson tractor that Fishers had? Sandy Goff has it now. He came here on it Saturday afternoon wanting to borrow the saw, and afterward took it home with him.
Dad killed a rooster for Sunday dinner. Roy and Joy went to a party at Barton's Saturday night. Quite a lot there I heard. Donald had a cold and stayed home. On Sunday there was quite a crowd down at the big slough playing. Likely you'll hear a detailed account from one of the herrings.
Today I was choring about and Dad , Uncle A and Roy went to the annual school meeting. They had to elect a complete board of trustees. The new board is Cliff Barton, Sam Wheale, and Mike Kowbel.
Hoping you are in the best of health I remain your loving brother
E.W. Nevard
The only photo I have in the family albums showing a closed in cutter.


  1. Never heard of closing in a cutter, but it sure makes sense!

    1. Gorges, even better, they would often install a small stove to heat the interior during those long trips to town. It must have seemed the height of luxury in those days.


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