Sunday, November 3, 2013

Late Harvest

I was a little late finishing the 2013 harvest on Winstanley Grove on October 29 but it was later in 1942 . As seen here in excerpts from Bill Nevard's daily journal.

October 23: We ran into more trouble and the engine went on the blink after we threshed 3 loads. It was a miserable day with one snow storm after another although not much snow fell.

October 24: Uncle Horrie took Dad and Dick in the democrat to Lipton and caught the 9:00 am bus to Regina. Dad took the magneto and radio with him. He got new tubes for the radio and a new magneto for the engine.

October 25: Sunday at home. Dad and Uncle Horrie busy with the engine but couldn't get it timed right yet. Dick walked to Goffs and bought 6 pounds of butter. Bill Smith's outfit is at Goffs . Several people around including Mr. Fisher, Fred Engel, Reinhold Kirsch and Hobetzeder are not threshing yet and don't know when they will be.

October 28: Threshing on 25. Snow on the stooks this morning. We finished my wheat after dinner and moved to 30 starting to thresh Uncle Horrie's oats which was no snap as we picked up the stuff that wasn't stooked. It was scattered all over the place and the snow had to be shaken off.

October 31: We hauled the outfit to Winstanley Grove and had dinner at Silver Birches. We did not thresh in the afternoon as a fresh fall of snow made it too tough.

November 3: Snowing and blowing hard this morning. Dick, Roy and I went up to Winstanley Grove and helped Uncle Arthur shake up some of his oat sheaves, none of which are stooked.

November 5: We threshed some more of Uncle Arthur's oats but it was tough and stopped the machine so we left the rest and moved down to our place for dinner. Threshed some of dad's oats in the afternoon.

November 9: Threshing dad's oats today. In the evening the engine developed a knock and dad found that a crankshaft bearing had broken.

November 10: I took the first load of wheat to Lipton today. Got Cohen to send for a new bearing for the engine.

November 13: Finished threshing the oats this morning and finished the last wheat in the afternoon which winds up threshing for this year. The weather is much improved.
The "Winstanley Stove" as it sits today in 2013.

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