Saturday, November 23, 2013

New House For The Nevards

After working at the Fort Qu'Appelle tuberculosis sanatorium for a few years, Dick Nevard and his brother , Bill, decided to build a new home nearby at Lilac Grove by Echo Lake. Between his dad, Ernest, and Uncle Horrie, they had it built in the late summer of 1950 using cindercrete blocks for the structure. Here are a few excerpts from Bill Nevard's journal.

November 10, Dick and Stan Kereluk went up to the farm in Steve's truck and got the rest of the wood Dick had cut. After supper Stan took the wood down to our place and I helped him unload it. Later on Bill Miller came with the Booker furnace and we got that unloaded and put down the basement.
November 11. Uncle Horrie went back to Lipton on the bus. Dad and I spent the day putting the furnace together but did not finish.
November 13, Dad doing some more fixing to the new furnace.
November 18: I borrowed Bob Smith's wheelbarrow and got 4 bags of coal from Bill Woitas. Then we got the Booker furnace going. It went ahead fast and smoked a bit at the start but quieted down after a while. Dick and I helped dad move the bed and other necessary things from the shack to the house and Dad spent his first night in the new house.
The new Nevard house at Lilac Grove.


  1. Hard to imagine that lot being so barren compared to how I remember it to be. I also thought the blocks were homemade cement but I maybe misremembering

    1. No, these were all cindercrete blocks trucked to the site by Bill Miller. A lot of the blocks used to build the "new" barn in 1948 were home built though.


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